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Browse among our unique and growing collection of books on ANZAC Day and the ANZACs. Also included are several teaching and learning packs. All of our books are printed in Australia. Prices ex and inclusive of GST are shown. All orders are shipped by couriers or Australia Post. Orders to an address in Australia incur a flat shipping and handling charge of $7.70 (incl GST) per order. Orders sent to international locations attract a shipping cost based on weight.

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  • Why are they marching, Daddy? (Big Book Kit)

    See also next item - accompanying Kit - available to supplement this item

    This resource aligns with the Australian Curriculum : History for Year 3. It may also be used within the family history component of the Australian Curriculum : English [Literature Strand] for Years P-3 in the Big Book format.

    ISBN 0-9577957-7-7

    Published January 2002

    Editor - Di Burke

    Illustrator - Elizabeth Alger

    Paperback with celloglaze cover and pages;16 pp excluding cover; Big Book/Portrait 490mmx360mm; Colour illustrations every page

    Comes with a special kit to use with the book. The kit includes:

    • A teachers’ manual written by Tracey Linnane, on CD
    • A set of word cards – 27 words with illustrations specific to the big book;
    • The oral story – ‘Why are they marching, Daddy?’ on CD; and
    • a set of ANZAC posters.
    • 6 x Why are they marching, Daddy? Shelf books (New)
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  • When the War Came

    This resource aligns with the Australian Curriculum: History for Year 10: "The impact of World War II, with particular emphasis on the Australian Home Front"

    By Vashti Farrer

    Sally and her friends live in Kings Cross where there's a constant fear of possible invasion, especially after Japanese mini-subs enter Sydney Harbour! There are rations and restrictions and blackouts and the constant worry of having fathers serving overseas. Even Sal's eccentric Gran can't always cheer her up as she waits for her Dad to come home.

    Vashti Farrer is an author well known for her books for young people and her wonderful historical fiction. This account of the Second World War as viewed through a young Sydney girl's eyes is an accurate, exciting and invaluable record for all youngsters who would like to know about this important period in Australian history.

    Aligns perfectly with the Year 10 history syllabus "The importance of World War 2 with particular emphasis on the home front…"

    This text also supports differentiation of learning by having accessible entry points and multiple exit points. The students can read the text and the teacher can provide opportunities for them to display skills reflective of Blooms Taxonomy.

    Suitable for Upper Primary to mid Secondary. Published by the ANZAC Day Commemoration Committee (Qld) Inc, 2012. Soft cover, 105 photographs, 112 pages. ISBN 978-0-9804480-4-7

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  • Digging for Diggers

    Shortlisted for The Australian Awards for Excellence in Educational Publishing for 2003.

    This resource aligns with the Australian Curriculum : History for Year 9.

    It is also a useful tool when teaching  research skills at any upper school level.

    This book is the definitive guide to researching the military history of a WW1 Digger. In a step by step approach, author Graeme Hosken provides the researcher with all of the information and tools necessary to complete the task.

    80 pages plus cover

    ISBN 0-9580273-2-3 

    Published October 2002

    Author Graeme Hosken

    Published by ADCC Publications

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  • In Search of Ethel Allchin

    The individual book from the In Search of … series.

    ISBN 0 9581625 6 5

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  • Why are they marching Daddy? (Shelf Book)

    (Shelf Book)

    ISBN 0 9581625 5 7

    Published July 2004 to complement Big Book Kit

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  • Not Only a Hero: An Illustrated Life of Simpson, the Man with the Donkey

    Biography of John Simpson Kirkpatrick from early childhood to his death at Gallipoli on 19 May 1915. Suit middle primary - adult.

    ISBN 0-646-35984-3 
    First Published 1998 Author - Tom Curran
    1999 CBCA Notable Book Award
    Paperback with celloglaze cover 52 pp excluding cover A4 Landscape Colour and B&W photos

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  • Simpson and Duffy

    A picture book story of John Simpson Kirkpatrick and his heroic deeds using a donkey at Gallipoli (a revised edition of the 14 page 1989 version which is now out of print).

    Larger print - emphasis on illustrations. Suit young readers.

    ISBN 0-9577957-4-2
    Published 2001
    Author - Mary Small
    Illustrator - Ester Kasepuu
    Paperback with celloglaze cover; 32 pp excluding cover; B5 Portrait; Illustrations in colour

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  • In Search of Sloan Bolton, DCM

    The individual book from the In Search of … series.

    ISBN 0 9581625 8 1

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  • The Legend of the Light Horse (Big Book Kit)

    A Teaching and Learning Package for Primary Schools.

    This resource aligns with the Australian Curriculum: History for Years 6 and 9 but is also a suitable  text for middle primary years in the Big Book format within the historical context of the Australian Curriculum : English [Literature Strand]
    ISBN 978-0-9804480-0-9

    Published 2007

    A revised edition of the book written by Ian Jones in 1987; Illustrated by Basil and Wendy Gay

    Paperback with celloglaze cover and pages

    40 pp excluding cover; includes comprehensive glossary

    Big Book/Portrait 485mmx340mm; colour

    Package includes: 1 x Big Book 6 x Shelf Books (B5 size)

    Classroom activities on CD-ROM

    A comprehensive account of the Australian Light Horse in WW1 – at Gallipoli, on the Western Front and across the vast deserts of the Middle East.

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