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Browse among our unique and growing collection of books on ANZAC Day and the ANZACs. Also included are several teaching and learning packs. All of our books are printed in Australia. Prices ex and inclusive of GST are shown. All orders are shipped by couriers or Australia Post. Orders to an address in Australia incur a flat shipping and handling charge of $7.70 (incl GST) per order. Orders sent to international locations attract a shipping cost based on weight.

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  • Simpson and Duffy

    A picture book story of John Simpson Kirkpatrick and his heroic deeds using a donkey at Gallipoli (a revised edition of the 14 page 1989 version which is now out of print).

    Larger print - emphasis on illustrations. Suit young readers.

    ISBN 0-9577957-4-2
    Published 2001
    Author - Mary Small
    Illustrator - Ester Kasepuu
    Paperback with celloglaze cover; 32 pp excluding cover; B5 Portrait; Illustrations in colour

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  • In Search of Jacka, VC

    The individual book from the In Search of … series.

    ISBN 0 9580273 0 7

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  • In Search of ... series

    This resource aligns with the Australian Curriculum: History for Year 10 . It also fits perfectly into developing the skill of Inquiry Based Learning from Years 6-9.

    A Teaching and Learning Package for Upper Primary/Lower Secondary Students.

    The 5 books provide resources to help students explore aspects of the life and Australians' experiences of WW1 through evidence from the time. 

    The approach of the books reflects a commitment to an inquiry approach to learning -- the conviction that students learn best by doing. Includes a CD-ROM with 5 interactives for teachers to use in conjunction with the printed books and online support material on the ADCC website

    Written for upper primary/lower secondary.

    ISBN 0-9757123-4-9
    Published 2005
    Produced for the ANZAC Day Commemoration Committee of Queensland by Ryebuck Media Pty Ltd.

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  • In Search of Kingsford Smith, MC

    The individual book from the In Search of … series.

    ISBN 0 9581625 7 3

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  • 'Don't forget me, cobber!'

    This resource aligns with the Australian Curriculum: History for Year 9.

    A comprehensive account of WW1 and Australians’ battlefield experiences at Gallipoli, on the Western Front and in the Middle East. Includes the desert campaigns fought by the lighthorsemen and the contribution of the Navy, Flying Corps and the nurses.
    Suit middle primary to lower secondary.

    ISBN 0 9757123 5 7
    Author-Matt Anderson
    Second edition
    Published 2006
    Paperback; 40 pp
    B5 Portrait
    Colour images and B&W photographs throughout.

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  • A Sunday in Picardy
    An adventure novel set during the First World War in France.

    This resource aligns with the historical , cultural and differing viewpoints in a text listed in the Australian Curriculum : English [Literature Strand] for Years 6-9.

    Written by Ian Jones. 56 pages text only. Retail price $8.80 Size A5 Lucien is 16 and in love. To impress his beloved Marie-Claude he sets out with a horse and cart to rescue an abandoned crop from a First World War battlefield in France. A young Australian soldier, Percy, becomes his ally in this mad quest and they share an encounter with the legendary German fighter ace, The Red Baron. For all of them – Lucien, Marie-Claude, Percy, even for The Red Baron – no other day will ever change their lives as much.

    Suitable for upper primary to lower secondary. New release November 2009. ISBN 9780980448016

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  • In Search of the AE2

    The individual book from the In Search of … series.

    ISBN 0 9581625 9 X

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  • Lofty's Mission

    Written by well known children's book author Krista Bell and illustrated by the wonderful paper images of David Miller, this book is a must for all lower primary school children's bookshelves.

    This resource aligns with the Australian Curriculum : History for Years 1 and 2 and Australian Curriculum: English [Literature Strand ]for Years 1 and 2.

    Harley McNamara has bred Lofty to be a champion racing pigeon. Now the army needs strong messenger pigeons to help win the war and Harley's dreams are shattered when Lofty is taken from him. Will Lofty ever come home?

    This entrancing little fiction based on fact story highlights how, in Australia between 1942 and 1943 during the Second World War, home breeders donated more than 13 000 baby pigeons ('squeakers') to the army to be trained as messenger pigeons. Several Australian birds were awarded the Dickins Medal for bravery.

    Weight: 120g
    ISBN - 978 - 0 - 9804480 - 7 - 8
    Pages 32 pages
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  • Why are they marching Daddy? (Shelf Book)

    (Shelf Book)

    ISBN 0 9581625 5 7

    Published July 2004 to complement Big Book Kit

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  • Gallipoli Medals



    Jack and Abi are mates. However, when Jack finds that Abi’s forbears fought the ANZACs at Gallipoli, he becomes unsure about continuing their relationship. Only through meeting relatives on both sides and exploring accounts of the conflict is this contemporary dilemma resolved.;

    This is a gentle way to introduce some important Australian history.

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