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Browse among our unique and growing collection of books on ANZAC Day and the ANZACs. Also included are several teaching and learning packs. All of our books are printed in Australia. Prices ex and inclusive of GST are shown. All orders are shipped by couriers or Australia Post. Orders to an address in Australia incur a flat shipping and handling charge of $7.70 (incl GST) per order. Orders sent to international locations attract a shipping cost based on weight.

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  • In Search of the AE2

    The individual book from the In Search of … series.

    ISBN 0 9581625 9 X

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  • seek!

    An illustrated and pictorial tribute to Australia's tracker dogs in the Vietnam War. (Read more.)

    This resource aligns with Australian Curriculum : History for Years 6 and 10 as well as the historical context required in the literature strand of the Australian Curriculum : English Years 5-10.

    seek! is a 48-page tribute to the Australian tracker dogs that served in the Vietnam War.
    In full colour with more than 110 photos (black & white as well as colour)—plus maps and illustrations—this book gives an overview of the Vietnam War and the service of the Australians who were deployed there; and the role of the eleven dogs that were part of the combat tracker teams that operated during Australia’s commitment from 1966 to 1972.

    Authors: Di Burke and Mary Small

    Suitable 10 yo to adult. -- ISBN 978-0-9804480-6-1

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  • In Search of Sloan Bolton, DCM

    The individual book from the In Search of … series.

    ISBN 0 9581625 8 1

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  • Snapshots of War: Images of Australians' Experiences in WW1

    This resource aligns with the Australian Curriculum : History for Year 9.

    It is part of a range of communication forms that can be used and explored at other year levels as well.

    A Teaching and Learning pack for Primary Schools Contents: 36 individual photographic images of WW1 (A4 mounted on cardboard) in six categories and 36 teachers' resource cards (A5 mounted on cardboard)- one for each image card. (Suggestions on how to use the pack can be found on the back of each of these cards).

    Packaged in a purpose designed satchel-style box.

    ISBN 0 9757123 6 5

    Author-Tracey Linnane;

    Published 2006.

    Under the categories Arrival and living conditions; Transport and supplies; Medical aid;
    Communications; Leisure and entertainment; and Effects of war, teachers are offered a wide variety of classroom activities using the photographs as the stimuli.
    Presented in a specially designed satchel style box.

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  • 'Don't forget me, cobber!'

    This resource aligns with the Australian Curriculum: History for Year 9.

    A comprehensive account of WW1 and Australians’ battlefield experiences at Gallipoli, on the Western Front and in the Middle East. Includes the desert campaigns fought by the lighthorsemen and the contribution of the Navy, Flying Corps and the nurses.
    Suit middle primary to lower secondary.

    ISBN 0 9757123 5 7
    Author-Matt Anderson
    Second edition
    Published 2006
    Paperback; 40 pp
    B5 Portrait
    Colour images and B&W photographs throughout.

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  • In Search of Ethel Allchin

    The individual book from the In Search of … series.

    ISBN 0 9581625 6 5

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  • The Unknown Australian Soldier

    This resource aligns with the Australian Curriculum : History for Year 9 and the study of contextual text  within the Australian Curriculum : English [Literature Strand] for Years 5-9.

    Two children who have attended the interment ceremony for the Unknown Australian Soldier at the Australian War Memorial are somewhat bewildered as to why this event took place. In a "dream sequence" the ghost of the Unknown Australian Soldier takes the children on a journey back in time to Gallipoli, the Middle East, the Western Front, etc. Suit middle primary to lower secondary.

    ISBN 0-9577957-3-4

    Published 2001
    Author - Mary Small
    Illustrator - Anne Langridge
    Paperback with celloglaze cover; 32 pp excluding cover; B5 Landscape; Colour illustrations superimposed on photos

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  • Feathered Soldiers: An illustrated tribute to Australia's wartime messenger pigeons (big book kit)

    This resource aligns with the  Development of Historical Text within the Australian Curriculum: History for Year 6 .It is also a suitable text for middle primary years in the Big Book format within the historical context of the Australian Curriculum: English [Literature Strand].

    A Teaching and Learning Package for Primary Schools.

    ISBN 0-9757123-1-4

    Published 2005

    Written by Vashti Farrer & Mary Small; Illustrator -- Elizabeth Alger

    Paperback with celloglaze cover and pages; 32pp excluding cover 
    Big Book/Portrait 490mmx360mm; colour Illustrations every page

    Package includes: 1 x Big Book 6 x Shelf Books (B5 size)
    Classroom activities on CD-ROM

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  • Peace in Our Communities: A teaching and learning package for primary schools

    This resource may be aligned to the Australian Curriculum: English [Literature Strand] to create a variety of literacy text across all year levels.

    These posters are also valuable within a Civics and Citizenship  or Communications unit of work at any year level.

    Written by Tracey Linnane; ISBN 0 9581625 2 2 

    Includes: A collection of 18 quality, full colour A3 posters (6 each for years P-2, 3-5 and 6-7); a teaching plan and student worksheets on CD-ROM and an A3 Display Folder.

    A list of strategic questions, developed for use with each peace poster, has been printed on the back of each poster to aid use by teachers during discussions with students. The peace posters and accompanying questions may be used with individual students, in small groups or with the whole class when conducting substantive conversations as part of discussions.

    Long-term educational aim is to foster in children: increased awareness of the concept of ‘peace’ in their communities; how it contributes to their lives; and ways in which we think, feel and act peaceably in order to live a healthy, happy and fulfilled life. An important aspect is to assist children to link their understandings, capabilities and attitudes of ‘peace’ with the sacrifices made by our Australian service men and women from the past and present, as we advocate and strive for peace in our lives today.

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